My name is Rachel. I'm a 21-year-old student who laughs too loudly and spills things a lot. I like to practice yoga and lift weights. I'm recovering from bulimia, which is cool. I track the tag fitaf. On a great Midwestern adventure.

إذا عرفت نفسك فلا يضرك ما قيل فيك
“If you know yourself, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you.”
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she’s turning 30 this year

She needs to get a grip.

I need a beer and my parents to help me figure out this job situation. There are two agencies in Chicago who have offered me a job. Either would be a safe bet. Then there’s my mentor who wants me to move to LA and take a risk on his new venture. I have no idea what I’m going to do and I need to make a decision by tomorrow night.


'its too hot to wear all black'


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me as  a lawyer: kk that was rude . 

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just think about y’all millions and millions of little dark skinned black girls are going to go to the supermarket with their parents this month and when they’re waiting in line at the check out aisle they’re going to look up and see Lupita Nyong’o being hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world god is amazing

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johnny + june.
Anonymous: "I want to touch your hair"

Do not want

Anonymous: "Do you have side blogs? I used to follow it but I remade and forgot your URL -.-"


Chicago or LA?


DIY Rope Bag | Style Me Pretty
I should have a new regular post called ‘can you work out how this was made?’! This tote bag is made of rope that is sew around and around in a circle. I imagine that once you start building up the sides of the bag it might get a little tricky, but you’ll end up with a super tough bag that’s perfect for groceries, clothes, library books, etc and that you can chuck in the machine to wash. If anyone attempts this I would love to know how it works out! (also this would look awesome using neon rope!)